What do the Nice People purchase?

1. Billy Gin - Bread, Croissant, Cookie, Brownie.

2. Angelina Pretty - Croissant, Bretzel, Choco Muffin, Cupcake.

3. Little Paris - Bagel, Bread, Cupcake, Cookie.

4. Justin Baby - Bretzel, Bagel, Brownie, Choco Muffin.

5. Granny Doubtfire - White Bread, Bread, Cheesecake, Choco Muffin.

6. Mister Drumond - Bread, Croissant, Cheesecake, Brownie.

7. Tiny Tiger - Croissant, Bagel, Apple Pie, Cookie.

8. Jessica Alpha - Bretzel, Waffle, Cupcake, Wedding Cake.

9. Jude Low - Brioche, Bread, Choco Muffin, Brownie.

10. Julia Rogers - Waffle, Pancakes, Cookie, Cupcake.

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