My phone call

My Phone

My Phone is a mini menu that has ten buttons;

  1. Store
  2. Call
  3. Photos
  4. Lottery
  5. Trophies
  6. Report
  7. Statistics
  8. Missions
  9. Shops
  10. Job List

To make calls you need to find numbers. Go in the "Phone Numbers" tab (shown with a red line around the tab in picture) you will then see the latest picture that has some hidden numbers in it. This Picture is updated sometimes, so check here to find the latest numbers available.

NEW PHONE NUMBERS - December 5, 2012  Edit

Phone Number    Reward        
1345874 $X15,000
1368459 $X20,000
4275263 $X40,000
1023657 ♥X10
8643270 ♥X10
3478546 ♥X15
3248965 ★10XP
9856472 ★15XP
6574103 ★25XP