Materials are needed to upgrade Goods in the Factory. You must first post a link on your wall for friends to send you materials. You may only sent 10 materials per day and only one per person.

Materials Shops
Cereals Mat Cereals Bakery
Chocolate Mat Chocolate Bakery
Topping Mat Topping Bakery
Raspberries Mat Raspberries Bakery
Cream Mat Cream Cake Shop
Redcurrants Mat Gooseberries Cake Shop
Ice cream Mat IceCream Cake Shop
Decorations Mat Decorations Cake Shop
Shrimps Mat Shrimps Pet Shop
Fur dryer Mat FurDryer Pet Shop
Pink dye Mat Pink Dye Pet Shop
Dog Kibble Mat Dog Kibble Pet Shop
Ribbon Mat Ribbon Clothes Shop
Sewing thread Mat SewingThread Clothes Shop
Cloth dye Mat ClothDye Clothes Shop
Imitation fur Mat Fur Clothes Shop
Sugar Mat Sugar Candy Shop
Caramel Mat Caramel Candy Shop
Peanuts Mat Peanuts Candy Shop
Food Color Mat Food Color Candy Shop
Felt Mat Felt Hat Shop
Pink Pearls Mat Pink Pearls Hat Shop
Flower Mat Flowers Hat Shop
Feather Mat Feather Hat Shop
Exotic Soil Mat Exotic Soil Florist
Cutting Mat Cutting Florist
Bulb Mat Bulb Florist
Thorn Mat Thorn Florist
Leather Mat Leather Shoe Store
Bow Mat Bow Shoe Store
Heel Mat Heel Shoe Store
Rhinestone Mat Rhinestone Shoe Store
Silicon File:Mat Silicon.png Eletronics
Hard Drive File:Mat Hard Drive.png Electronics
Plastic File:Mat Plastic.png Electronics
Neon Light File:Mat Neon Light.png Electronics
Silver File:Mat Silver.png Jewelry
Gold File:Mat Gold.png Jewelry
Wheels File:Mat Wheels.png Jewelry
Onyx File:Mat Onyx.png Jewelry