Love in My Shops resembles energy or mana. The amount of love you currently have is shown as a bar at the top of your Energy Bar.

Love is needed to delight Customers. Simply click on a customer with a red heart symbol above their head. The symbol will only appear when they successfully buy Goods from Shops. When you delight a customer they will unlock a new good they will buy and can help unlock further customers within a family.

Love Bar

Options of Love Bar

When you reach Level 29, you can double your love by make cost.

Happy Delighted Costumer

costumer sastified faster. Simply click the Red Heart over Love Bar, you can choose which number of love you can choose. After you choose, when the happy costumer comes out from the shop, the red heart symbol with multiply amount of love (i.e. x2, x3, x4) inside will appear. Clicking the happy costumer will give more love at once. You can unlock x3 by Level 59, x4 in Level 89, and x5 in Level 119.