Goods are the items Customers buy from Shops. They can be upgraded in the Factory to increase stock, reduce delivery time and increase Revenue.

Bakery Bread Croissant Bagel Bretzel White Bread Brioche Waffle Pancakes
Cake Shop Cookie Choco Muffin Cupcake Brownie Apple Pie Cheesecake Birthday Cake Wedding Cake
Pet Shop Goldfish Hamster Tuxedo Kitten Rabbit Labrador Puppy Husky Puppy Striped Persian Chow Chow
Clothes Shop Socks Tee Shirt Blue Jeans Shirt Floral Dress Spangled Dress Leather Jacket Wedding Dress
Candy Shop Hard Candies Marshmallows Chocolate Bar Lollipop Jelly Beans Twisty Pop Cotton Candy Candy Apple
Hat Shop Baseball Cap Fine Hat Cloche Hat Panama Bowler Top Hat Flower Hat Elegant Hat
Florist Daisies Marigold Sunflower Tulip Roses Orchid Cactus Lilies
Shoe Store Flip Flops Black Flats Ankle Boots Brogue Floral Flats Booties Peep Toe Pumps Golden Pumps
Electronics Retro TV Computer Television Camcorder Pet Robot Laptop Flat Screen TV Arcade
Jewelry Pendant Diamond Earrings Heart Ring Old Watch Pink Ring Solitaire Ring Bling Ring Diadem
Luxury Store Cabriolet Jet Ski Glider Pop Art Sarcophagus Penthouse Colosseum Pyramids