Customers are the characters who buy Goods from Shops. There are 10 customers in each family and 11 families altogether; this makes 110 customers in total. When each shop is opened, the first four customers of a new family are unlocked. The rest of the family tree can be unlocked by delighting the original four customers. When a customer is delighted, they will also buy up to four goods each.

Below are all families listed with the goods they buy.

1. Nice People
  1. Billy GinBread, Croissant, Cookie, Brownie
  2. Angelina PrettyCroissant, Bretzel, Muffin, Cupcake
  3. Little ParisBagel, Bread, Cupcake, Cookie
  4. Justin BabyBretzel, Bagel, Brownie, Muffin
  5. Granny DoubtfireWhite Bread, Bread, Cheese Cake, Muffin
  6. Mister DrumondBread, Croissant, Cheese Cake, Brownie
  7. Tiny TigerCroissant, Bagel, Apple Pie, Cookie
  8. Jessica AlphaBretzel, Waffle, Cupcake, Wedding Cake
  9. Jude LowBrioche, Bread, Muffin, Brownie
  10. Julia RogersWaffle, Pancakes, Cookie, Cupcake
2. Upper Class
  1. Dory SpellingCookie, Cupcake, Cheese Cake, Bagel
  2. Chuck BossMuffin, Cookie, White Bread, Croissant
  3. Ian WomanizerBrownie, Muffin, Birthday Cake, Waffle
  4. Abby Mac DealBagel, Cupcake, Cookie, Brioche
  5. Polly CoquetteCupcake, Cookie, Apple Pie, Hard Candies
  6. Henry DoddickApple Pie, Brownie, White Bread, Socks
  7. Holly WorkaholicCroissant, Muffin, Bagel, Tuxedo Kitten
  8. Lady GoldwomanCheese Cake, Muffin, Bread, Goldfish
  9. Bill IonnaireWaffle, Brownie, Apple Pie, Marshmallows
  10. Bernie M. — Brioche, Pancakes, Cheese Cake, Tee Shirt
3. Globetrotters
  1. Sashi MeHamster, Rabbit, Cookie, Croissant
  2. Sue ShiGoldfish, Hamster, Bread, Muffin
  3. Ali GatorBrioche, Tuxedo Kitten, Apple Pie, Chocolate Bar
  4. Jasmine DehliciousWedding Cake, White Bread, Striped Persian, Blue Jeans
  5. Hugh HellfireLabrador Puppy, Apple Pie, Bretzel, Shirt
  6. Buffalo GillRabbit, Waffle, Hamster, Lollipop
  7. Indiana JoyceBirthday Cake, Cupcake, Tuxedo Kitten, Bread
  8. BenHusky Puppy, Goldfish, Bagel, Cookie
  9. JerryWhite Bread, Birthday Cake, Goldfish, Chow Chow
  10. Pam CakesPancakes, Brioche, Cheese Cake, Labrador Puppy
4. Crazy Dudes
  1. Ugly BeckySocks, Bretzel, Cupcake, Hard Candies
  2. Biting ButcherTee Shirt, Shirt, Croissant, Leather Jacket
  3. Jimmy RaculousWaffle, Blue Jeans, Apple Pie, Brownie
  4. Dr Crazy HouseWhite Bread, Cheese Cake, Shirt, Rabbit
  5. Vanessa DakoFloral Dress, Birthday Cake, Bread, Marshmallows
  6. Billy RottenBlue Jeans, Bagel, Socks, Hard Candies
  7. Chuck MorrisBread, Apple Pie, Shirt, Husky Puppy
  8. Kathleen DionSpangled Dress, White Bread, Cheese Cake, Wedding Dress
  9. Malcolm JacksonBrioche, Birthday Cake, Leather Jacket, Striped Persian
  10. Betty GagaWaffle, Pancakes, Wedding Cake, Leather Jacket
5. Geeks
  1. Ruth LessHard Candies, Chocolate Bar, Croissant, Brownie
  2. Ken NerdyMarshmallows, Lollipop, Bread, Muffin
  3. Bridget WidgetBretzel, Chocolate Bar, Cupcake, Labrador Puppy
  4. Donald Mc RonaldCookie, Croissant, Jelly Beans, Tee Shirt
  5. Tuesday AdamsJelly Beans, Muffin, Pancakes, Socks
  6. Kate WomanLollipop, Bread, Twisty Pop, Floral Dress
  7. Lee GolassBirthday Cake, White Bread, Marshmallows, Spangled Dress
  8. Mac IntouchTwisty Pop, Jelly Beans, Brownie, Brioche
  9. Mike RosoftBretzel, Apple Pie, Cotton Candy, Blue Jeans
  10. Bill JobsWaffle, Bretzel, Wedding Cake, Candy Apple
6. Monsters
  1. ZomBreroBaseball Cap, Hard Candies, Tee Shirt, Goldfish
  2. ZomBimBoFine Hat, Spangled Dress, Labrador Puppy, Jelly Beans
  3. Drake UltraPanama, Tuxedo Kitten, Twisty Pop, Leather Jacket
  4. Bleeding BeautyFloral Dress, Flower Hat, Cotton Candy, Wedding Dress
  5. ChatkiraCloche Hat, Socks, Elegant Hat, Floral Dress
  6. Big BadwolfCoton Candy, Bowler, Hamster, Blue Jeans
  7. BonesSocks, Top Hat, Rabbit, Lollipop
  8. GeorgensteinHamster, Bowler, Chocolate Bar, Tee Shirt
  9. Parker KillerChocolate Bar, Tuxedo Kitten, Panama, Shirt
  10. Al O'WeenCandy Apple, Blue Jeans, Husky Puppy, Top Hat
7. Farmers
  1. Willy The KidDaisies, Goldfish, Marshmallows, Socks
  2. Cherry PieMarigold, Hard Candies, Floral Dress, Rabbit
  3. Charlie GallsSunflower, Blue Jeans, Labrador Puppy, Shirt
  4. Caroline GallsSpangled Dress, Orchid, Lilies, Candy Apple
  5. Horst ShoeTulip, Striped Persian, Shirt, Cotton Candy
  6. Joe HolyGoldfish, Cactus, Hard Candies, Leather Jacket
  7. Molly WoodDaisies, Roses, Marigold, Tulip
  8. Bud BunnyBlue Jeans, Roses, Husky Puppy, Wedding Cake
  9. Courteney OxFloral Dress, Striped Persian, Orchid, Lollipop
  10. Miss BookwormMarshmallows, Lollipop, Spangled Dress, Lilies
8. Champions
  1. Will SteeringFlip Flops, Twisty Pop, Tee Shirt, Tuxedo Kitten
  2. Miguel JordanAnkle Boots, Hamster, Shirt, Jelly Beans
  3. Katarina WindBlack Flats, Chocolate Bar, Floral Dress, Chow Chow
  4. Mary OnjonesSpangled Dress, Booties, Lollipop, Rabbit
  5. Geena CamaroFloral Flats, Hamster, Twisty Pop, Spangled Dress
  6. Tiger OopsSocks, Brogue, Husky Puppy, Cotton Candy
  7. Bart BatGoldfish, Flip Flops, Hard Candies, Leather Jacket
  8. Aphrodite WilliamsStriped Persian, Peep Toe Pumps, Marshmallows, Wedding Dress
  9. Joe IdahoChocolate Bar, Labrador Puppy, Ankle Boots, Blue Jeans
  10. Jeane NasticFloral Dress, Tuxedo Kitten, Jelly Beans, Golden Pumps
9. Sci-Fi
  1. R3D3Retro TV, Sunflower, Baseball Cap, Flip Flops
  2. MetallikaComputer, Black Flats, Fine Hat, Daisies
  3. Fun-ETelevision, Brogue, Bowler, Roses
  4. Sun-ECactus, Laptop, Orchid, Floral Flats
  5. ChewbabaCamcorder, Panama, Top Hat, Ankle Boots
  6. Rob O'CopBaseball Cap, Robot Pet, Bowler, Brogue
  7. Goodzilla Candy Apple, Cactus, Camcorder, Top Hat
  8. Fred AtorFlip Flops, Bowler, Laptop, Sunflower
  9. SchwarzinatorRoses, Ankle Boots, Flat Screen TV, Baseball Cap
  10. Lily AlienPeep Toe Pumps, Flower Hat, Lilies, Arcade Machine
10. Fairy Tales
  1. ArthurPendant, Marigold, Baseball Cap, Lollipop
  2. Cindy RellaHeart Ring, Fine Hat, Tulip, Black Flats
  3. Prince GoodwillOld Watch, Top Hat, Brogue, Roses
  4. Fay RetailOrchid, Pink Ring, Cloche Hat, Booties
  5. Ironic ManDiamond Earrings, Bowler, Daisies, Robot Pet
  6. Steel LadyFloral Flats, Solitaire Ring, Tulip, Flower Hat
  7. Woody BoogieMarigold, Hard Candies, Old Watch, Brogue
  8. King BurgerTop Hat, Ankle Boots, Solitaire Ring, Sunflower
  9. Queen DairyCloche Hat, Cactus, Bling Ring, Booties
  10. Lucy RedheadElegant Hat, Golden Pumps, Orchid, Diadem
11. The Billonaires
  1. O' Prime TimeCabriolet, Marigold, Elegant Hat, Pop Art
  2. Roy RollesJet Ski, Television, Glider, Tulip
  3. B.ScroogeGlider, Bling Ring, Flat Screen TV, Cabriolet
  4. Beverly HeelsGolden Pumps, Sarcophagus, Cloche Hat, Robot Pet
  5. Richard HandsomePop Art, Penthouse, Laptop, Top Hat
  6. Lou KingoodPeep Toe Pumps, Solitaire Ring, Sunflower, Penthouse
  7. Jack PottRetro TV, Camcorder, Coloesseum, Daisies
  8. Sherah TonRoses, Diadem, Sarcophagus, Pyramids
  9. Harry StockrassyOrchid, Brogue, Coloessum, Jet Ski
  10. Mark FaithbookFlip Flops, Arcade MachineSarcophagus, Pyrmaids