Collections in My Shops are a set of 5 collectables like in many games on Facebook. You can publish in Facebook Feed a wishlist to ask some from friends.

Collectibles are dropped by customers and regular trucks (not from rescue trucks or friend trucks)

Rewards for completing a collection are: XP, Coins, Love, or Items.

Collectibles From Customers
Home Stuff 10,000 Coins Nice People
House Things 50 XP
Happy Days 50 Love
Goldmembers 30 XP Upper Class
Rockfellers Fans 20,000 coins
Dubai Style
Bill Ionnare Statue
Bill Ionnaire Statue
The Beach 50 XP Globetrotters
Camping Rules
Moai Statue
Moai Statue
The Travellers 50,000 Coins
Eccentricity 20,000 Coins Crazy Dudes
Flashy Clothes 75 XP
Disco Sensation 20 Love
Fast Food 50 XP Geeks
Geek Culture 35,000 Coins
Invader from Space
Invader from Space
Cemetery 35,000 Coins Monsters
Creepy Things 90 XP
Human Parts Monster Machine
Farmers Tools 15 Love Farmers
Pioneer Fashion 50,000 Coins
Hingalls Way 105 XP
Sports Balls 75 XP Champions
Miguel Jordan Statue
Miguel Jordan Statue
The Winners 65,000 Coins
Futurist Items 90 XP Sci-Fi
Sci-Fi Movies 70,000 Coins
Outer Space Disco Alien
Magical 50,000 Coins Fairy Tales
Far Far Away Sir Lancelot
The Beasts 120 XP

Collectibles From Trucks
Bakery Tools 25 XP Bakery
Bakery Flavor 15,000 Coins
Breakfast 10 Love
Pastry Tools 15,000 Coins Cake Shop
Pastry Flavor 65 XP
Pastry Fruits 35,000 Coins
Pet Food 20,000 Coins Pet Shop
Pet Accessories 75 XP
Fishkeeping 20 Love
Shopping Time 50 XP Clothes Shop
Well Made
Japanese Fountain
Japanese Fountain
Fashion Victim 50,000 Coins
Funfair 50 XP Candy Shop
Sweet Sweet 35,000 Coins
Candy Factory
Woody Wonca Statue
Woody Wonca Statue
Material 75 XP Hat Shop
Beaver Hats 20 Love
Mad Tea Party Mad Hatter Sticker
Grower Tools 15 Love Florist
Green Fingers
Not a Bug 65,000 Coins
Accessories 75 XP Shoe Store
Oldies 50,000 Coins
Mythic Shoes Flying Hermes
In The Pocket 20 Love Electronics
Devices 70,000 Coins
Engineering 120 XP
Jewelry Tools 90 XP Jewelry
Gemstone 25 XP
Precious Items 100,000 Coins

Collectibles From Neighbour Gifts
My Neighbours 300 XP
Friendly Pets 300,000 Coins
I'll Be There 80 Love